Exploring the Japanese dance form Butoh as a way to deliberate the body from its structured and coded movement, and into feeling of freedom. 

Since I for the first time watched a butoh performance made by Alkistis Dimech (publisher of Scarlet Imprint), I´ve been mesmerized by this way of dancing. The balance between the ugly and the beautiful, the introvert and the theatrical is still capturing me. I´ve attended to workshops by several dancers from Japan and Seattle, and are still exploring this dance form with the camera - "the viewer" which is not considered by the dancer, as she goes inwards to find movement, but still is like a "dance partner" as the outer world influences the movements. 

In this series of pictures, the dancer, Kyuja Bae, explores the city with the art of Butoh. In the movies I express myself the butoh dance influenced by nature, music and the surroundings.