Into Perception installasjon

Into Perception is an installation of images that together form an illusion of a spatial image. The pictures hang in the air at different heights and with different shapes, and by walking around or through the installation you will see the pictures from different angles. Thus, new readings of the images will still take place.

The installation is a play with shapes and perspectives. You will look inside the work, but from different angles. Not all images are visible at all times, some spin around in the weak airflow as you walk, others are hidden behind other pictures. This requires an ability to visualize what happens on the other side of where you stand, so that the whole picture will be made clear to you. Similarly, a person will create a model of how the world works as we learn. As we gather information, we create a new image of how we see the world. Our perception is expanding, but is also shaped by memory and what we focus on. Into Perception explores the ability to go deeper into one's own psyche, shaped by memory and focus shift. The memory will again be affected by sensory impressions and, as such, our entire perception of reality will be constantly changing.